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Johansen Criminal Defense

We provide criminal defense representation in cases involving crimes against the person, property crimes, burglary, theft, fraud, violent crimes, domestic abuse crimes, computer crimes, sex crimes, drunk driving/OWI and traffic crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes, homicides, and other felonies and misdemeanors.

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Act Fast

Time Matters

Time is of the essence following any criminal charge. The sooner you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney, the better off you will be. As a general rule, law enforcement officers may not lawfully interrogate a party who invokes their right to counsel. If you say that you want a lawyer present before answering any questions, law enforcement are legally obliged to abide by your decision. Providing a statement, even the most ostensibly innocuous statement, to law enforcement officers may have irreversible implications for your case. Don't be one of those suspects who talk themselves into a criminal charge. Be proactive, and call Johansen Law Office, S.C. first. 

Stakes are high

Mitigate the Damage

A criminal conviction, misdemeanor or  felony, can have untold and unexpected consequences for an individual. Beyond probation, confinement, and/or financial penalties, a criminal conviction can adversely impact an individual's career or education. It can destroy a person's reputation, future prospects, and job opportunities. For years, Johansen Law Office, S.C. has successfully negotiated agreements with prosecutors allowing first time offenders an opportunity to rehabilitate while earning a dismissal of their case. Don't just plead guilty and tarnish an untarnished record. Call Attorney Johansen to scheduled a free initial consultation.

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Criminal Defense: Practices
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Unlawful Newer Seizure/Warrantless Entry/Prolonged Rodriguez Stop 

Unlawful Seizure under Newer

Our client's vehicle was stopped after officer ran the vehicle license plate and learned that client was revoked.  Client was married, however, raising a challenge to the stop.  Johansen Law Office, S.C. successfully brought a motion under State v. Newer ultimately leading to suppression of the evidence and a dismissal of the case. 

Warrantless Entry Into Home/Dismissed

While looking for a suspect, law enforcement officers made a warrantless entry into client's home over client's vocal objections.  Johansen Law Office, S.C. filed a motion to suppress based on unlawful warrantless entry which ultimately lead to a dismissal of the case.

Unconstitutional Rodriguez Search

Law enforcement initiated a traffic stop of client based on a traffic violation. The officer then prolonged the stop so another officer could conduct a free air K9 sniff. Johansen Law Office, S.C. brought a Rodriguez motion arguing the traffic stop was unlawfully prolonged to conduct the K9 sniff. The court agreed, granted the motion, and ultimately dismissed the case.

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